Monday, February 9, 2009

Mapping The Web

As an experiment in cross-media marketing (take a look at an interesting case study, but you've got to log-in), I've been developing a print, web, mobile & DVD package to promote both design, illustration and animation, working with ancient explorations of the world as a design template.
Naturally, in this project (as with many other multiplatform undertakings), the most difficult task is honing the possibilities down to present an inclusive yet concise and cohesive message, to present a spectrum of capabilities yet not turn that menu into a labyrinth.

Basically, I'm wrestling with the ever-present monster of project bloat. That is to say, the tendency of any given project to run over time, over budget and grow uneccesary appendages and organs. In order to maintain control, I've found that a list of message bullet points kept on hand at all times helps, and a periodic pruning of the metaphoric bush.
I've got to always remind myself: there are hundreds of thousands of exellent ideas, but it is in implementation that genius® shines through.

Of course, this now occupies space in an already overflowing project list...

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